Who is Your IT Crew?

We are a Melbourne based IT services company with over 18 years of experience in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions. During that time we have carefully listened to our clients in order to create a range of flexible services that cater for the variable needs of both growing and mature businesses.

Our IT services are designed to provide real and immediate benefits to businesses by enhancing their IT assets, reducing costs and ensuring peace of mind.

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Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Ensures that all critical network infrastructure and devices that comprise your IT infrastructure at distributed sites are functioning reliably and optimally

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Continual maintenance of all servers, PCs, data storage and other vital network infrastructure so that they perform reliably and optimally, preventing downtime

Security & Backup

Security & Backup

Installation, monitoring and backup using industry best software and practices to ensure network availability, device security and protection of data

Real-time Optimization

Real-time Optimization

Using our Network Operations Centre world-class technologies, we will monitor your IT infrastructure, continually identifying and resolving critical issues in real-time

Remote & Onsite Support

Onsite & Remote Support

Ensures business stability and reliability when and where you need it covering all network, server, workstation support and other critical device support

Reporting & Remediation

Reports & Remediation

Provided and/or presented so that you can keep track of key IT areas that are working, and identify those areas that may need further attention or resources

What are IT Packages?

IT Packages are segmentations of our services that fulfill the variable IT needs of small to medium sized businesses.

They are the culmination of years experience, careful design and constant consultation with our clients.

Our core packages of Essential, Defender, Proactive and Managed, are baskets of our most desired combinations, however we support choice and flexibility by offering Custom IT, Network Services and Managed Wi-Fi.

We are proud to provide these services across Windows and iOS devices.



Our Essential Package is a range of security solutions that can be used to mitigate attacks and protect critical IT infrastructure and delivers the following solutions:

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Our Defender Package is a range of security solutions that can be used to mitigate attacks and protect critical IT infrastructure and delivers the following solutions:

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Our Proactive Package provides a basket of services to manage risk and optimize networked operations that cover server, desktop, and other devices and delivers the following solutions:

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IT Services

Information technology services are a range of technical services that provide businesses with the assets and information required to organize, process and enhance their daily business tasks.

We have a broad range of services that can used as stand alone solutions or bundled with one of our packages to suit the specific requirements of your business.


Monitoring and administration of information technology systems such as hardware devices, software applications and associated networks.

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Device Optimization
& Management

Maximize usage of all resources from how they're deployed and where they're located, to who is using them and what their real value is to your business.

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Configuration Management

Structure system resources such as servers, data storage, OS , networks, applications and software, ensuring they are discoverable, healthy and trusted.

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Router & Switch Monitoring

Continual supervision and revision of network gateways such wireless nodes, routers, switches and patch panels to facilate seemless information transfers.

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IT Procurement

Strategic purchasing, deployment and management of software and hardware technologies to ensure smooth running of your business systems and communications.

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Onboading &

An efficient and predictable process to manage employees movements that concerns the issuing or removing of access to equipment and network infrastructure.

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Create, sort and store passwords across all your applications and devices, securely and in a central location, for quick and simple access when needed.

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Access Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud environments to segregate, pool, and share scalable resources across a single or multiple networks.

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Reporting &

Choose from an ensemble of IT metrics and KPIs that can be used to assess system health and identify and correct system problems and deficiencies.

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Programmed and periodic maintenance of IT equipment and network assets to ensure efficiency while preventing downtime and associated unit failure.

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Continual evaluation, updating, modifying and monitoring of your critical software applications ensuring they are running safley and effectively.

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Document Backup
& Recovery

A continuity strategy of creating and storing multiple copies of data to ensure redundancy and protect business assets against data theft or loss.

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On-site & Remote

Flexible response to any IT issues that may arise in your business whether in person or via remote desktop to manage and resolve variable problems quickly.

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Procurement, setup, management and monitoring of NAS style centralized data backup and retrieval systems, facilitating authorized usage and remote access.

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Monitor and manage devices that use SNMP such routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, storage devices, UPS devices, cameras and printers.

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Centralized administration of updates that identifies and maps systems, prioritizes jobs, validates installations, improves performance and reports outcomes.

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Installation, monitoring and management of antivirus software and updates on all devices in a network to ensure consistency and integrity of connected assets.

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Web Protection

Real-time supervision, scanning and filtering all Internet traffic ensuring connections are secure and employee usage policies are enforced and monitored.

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Data Risk

Ongoing review of servers, workstations, on premise and cloud based shared storage, performed across all locations to assess usage and access controls.

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Securely connect an employee or client to a business's internal network from remote locations as if they were connected to the local area network on premise.

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Email Protection
& Archiving

Provides solutions designed to enhance real-time inbound and outbound email security using threat intelligence, email continuity, and email archiving.

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Firewall Monitoring
& Management

Installing, configuring and monitoring one or more firewalls to maintain security and protect private networks across business and personal locations.

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IT Support

Your IT Crew uses a range of tools and methods to assist and streamline IT support so that issues are either entirely prevented or resolved quickly and efficiently.

What is IT support?

IT Support is the provision of technical assistance to solve and avert technological problems that may arise across IT networks, devices and applications

IT Support is a key element of any holistic service offering and to do it effectively requires experience and patience combined with a tested and capable toolset.

Computer screen with icons

At Your IT Crew we mobilize the most up-to-date and effective support mechanisms available such as:

  • Cloud based monitoring
  • Predictive intelligence tools
  • Omni-channel communications
  • Collaboration applications
  • Integrated knowledge base
  • Multi-Layer email & data defense

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Client ratings

We have used Your I.T. Crew for 10+ years and the customer service have been amazing. We really appreciate and value their hard work in trying to minimize all our computer issues and feel 100% confident working with such an experienced team. Thank you to David & his fantastic team


Tomorrow agency has been a client of Your I.T. Crew for over 15 years which is testament to our faith their ability to initially respond to all our IT challenges and then provide comprehensive timely solutions. Your I.T. Crew has always given us options and explained clearly why and how each of these would be best practice for us.


David at Your I.T. Crew is always friendly and respectful. We appreciate the way he explains the most cost effective and no fuss solutions for various IT issues we have - That's why he was our first choice supporting our Head Office, managing our cloud migration, and general hardware & software supplies.


Your I.T. Crew always provides immediate solutions to any IT issues we are experiencing and we are always very grateful for their speed of service. Their response to IT emergencies is excellent, especially when we initially set up our system and they have a very broad knowledge of all aspects of IT.


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