Custom IT Package

Custom IT Packages Stack

What are Custom IT Services?

Custom IT Services allow you to choose from our comprehensive offering of individual services.

The program allows you to customize your support and servicing IT tools so that they fit with your critical needs and can be very cost effective as you only pay for what you use.

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Fine tune your IT resources

  • Are you paying for IT services that you don't use
  • Sick of not having control over your IT management
  • Finding it difficult to scale your IT resources to your growing business

If you require more control over your IT resources it may be time to look at custom IT services.

This package allows you to choose exactly what you need for your business at any particular time with the flexibility to add services as you see fit.

Customize IT services

At Your IT Crew we will work with you to determine what services make sense for your business and once implemented, we will continually measure if your requirements are being met.

We will assist you in identifying and defining the key IT responsibilities you would like to outsource to us after carefully considering your budget, network topologies, user groups, device resources, and service requirements.

You will be able to fine tune exactly what you need at any given time to ensure you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Whether its security and data protection you're after or real-time performance monitoring and optimization, we can put together a range of services that meets your needs, and whenever you require additional resources, you can simply add on additional services or assets.

General Package Features

  • Ensures that all critical network infrastructure and devices that comprise your network are functioning reliably and optimally.

  • Ensures that all servers, PCs, data storage and other vital network infrastructure is performing reliability and optimally, preventing downtime.

  • Application of industry best software and monitoring practices to ensure security, protection and availability.

  • Using our Network Operations Centre world-class technologies, we will monitor your IT infrastructure, continually identifying and resolving critical issues in real-time.

  • Ensures business stability and reliability when and where you need it covering all network, server, workstation support and other critical device support.

  • Provided and/or presented so that you can keep track of key IT areas that are working, and identify those areas that may need further attention or resources.

Control IT resourcing

By regulating and customizing your IT service offering through us you can leverage our experience and technology to increase your overall efficiency and make your business more agile.

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IT that grows with you

  • Stay Competitive

    Staying profitable and productive can mean finding and implementing efficient IT services and when done in the right way, your entire network will be a major facilitator to your organization's long-term success.

  • Scale at will

    When your business grows you may need to scale your IT support to any increased need for products and services. Custom IT Services allow the flexibility to avoid excessive usage and growth planning, and tune your IT resources to demand.

  • Reduce Costs

    Because you won't be paying for services that you don't need or don't have any direct line of support to your business, you can save money and reduce overheads. You get to optimize your IT budget, control costs and reduce unit waste.

Need to know more?

To view the breadth of our services offering, see our IT Services section which provides details on the services we have on offer.

If you need further information, contact Your IT Crew to discuss your custom IT services needs so that you can start scaling your IT and reducing costs.