What are IT Services?

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What is an IT services model?

When you decide to outsource your IT services you may come across the follow three support service models:

  • Block Hours - Where you pre-purchase blocks of time which can be redeemed at some time in the future, which could be hour or monthly blocks.
  • Time and Material - Where a consultant is called out to resolve IT issues and the client is billed an hourly rate, and for materials used or purchased.
  • Managed Services - Where you pay for specific individual services or a bundle of those services to meet your particular business requirements.

Are IT Services necessary?

If you're fed up with managing your own IT or the cost of a permanent in-house IT department has become too costly in both money and in time, then IT Services can help.

Why you need IT Services

Frequent network disruptions and malicious intrusions

Inadequate expertise to engage projects

Patchy communication with lost emails and dropped calls

Critical data access and storage difficulties

Insufficient redundancy to meet recovery requirements

System and data speeds incapable of covering volume spikes

Wasted or inadequate physical resources

Inconsistent access controls and compliance

Why outsource IT services?

Outsourcing of IT services is becoming more and more prevalent because businesses need flexibility in order to stay agile and respond to variable and uncertain market conditions.

Your IT Crew offers services that can be broadly categorized into IT Management, IT Maintenance and IT Security.

We understand and appreciate that many of the services we offer work across multiple categories.

IT Services can help!

Maybe you need a few services or a complete package... whatever your needs we can tailor a solution to your business.

Clear benefits of IT services

IT Services can be beneficial to your business for a number of reasons you may already be aware of:

  • Focus on growing your business instead of managing your IT
  • Scale your IT resources and respond to shifting markets
  • Access the latest technology and expertise
  • Reduced costs and better use resources
  • Meet security and compliance requirements
  • Safe management of your data and personal information
  • Support when and where you need it
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Need further information?

At Your IT Crew we don't just provide IT Services, we have a passion for them and as such we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our offerings.

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