Managed Package

What are managed services?

Managed services are a solution where you outsource all responsibilities of maintaining and monitoring the health and function of your IT infrastructure for the purpose of improved operations and reduced cost.

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Can your IT be better?

  • Ever wondered what your IT staff are doing most of the time
  • Are IT issues backing up and not being resolved either in a timely manner or even at all
  • Do your current IT staff have the skills to meet your diverse IT requirements

You may be thinking you no longer need a permanent IT Manager in your business and you're not getting value for your money.

IT infrastructure is a critical enabler to your business and needs the full attention of experienced professionals but you also need to strike a balance between cost and effectiveness.

Complete IT support

Your IT Crew can provide all of the benefits of an internal Management Information Systems department for a fraction of the price of staffing one yourself.

We can assist in reducing or eliminating business impact of IT failures by minimizing occurrence, and promptly dealing with any unforeseen issues.

All aspects of your network infrastructure are covered including but not limited to security, data protection, applications and hardware.

General Package Features

  • Ensures that all critical network infrastructure and devices that comprise your network are functioning reliably and optimally.

  • Ensures that all servers, PCs, data storage and other vital network infrastructure is performing reliability and optimally, preventing downtime.

  • Application of industry best software and monitoring practices to ensure security, protection and availability.

  • Using our Network Operations Centre world-class technologies, we will monitor your IT infrastructure, continually identifying and resolving critical issues in real-time.

  • Ensures business stability and reliability when and where you need it covering all network, server, workstation support and other critical device support.

  • Provided and/or presented so that you can keep track of key IT areas that are working, and identify those areas that may need further attention or resources.

Reciprocal communication

Our fully managed services includes a monthly face to face meeting with management or key contact staff at your business and during the meeting, we report on issues that have arisen and been addressed, spending that is upcoming, future implementations and any concerns and needs you may have.

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Comprehensive IT solutions

Your IT Crew's full support Managed Services will make sure someone is there to help you when you need them and provides the follow benefits:

  • More time to focus on your core objectives
  • Get the expertise when and where you need it
  • Reduce the cost of hourly rates and call outs
  • Gain a reliable, single point of contact
  • 24x7 support for security & compliance

Get the experience you need

With Your It Crew by your side, you'll be able to wholly focus on running and growing your business, and leave the worrying about the nitty gritty of optimizing and protection of your network assets to us.

Call Your IT Crew to discuss how our complete managed services offering can help you.