Proactive Package

What is Proactive?

Our Proactive support program provides organizations with predictable, business-focused IT services that optimize operations, manage risk and deliver measurable business value to our customers.

It contains of suite of applications services that protect your IT assets such as servers, desktop workstations, network connections and other connected devices.

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IT complexity is increasing

If you've ever had issues with the synchronization and administration of your IT assets, you may have come across the following flow-on problems:

  • Critical assets that are vulnerable to threats
  • Loss or reputation or client trust
  • Downtime or issues growing out of hand
  • Inefficiency of applications and devices

Get ahead of the game

Your IT Crew's Proactive solutions allow your business to operate in a predictive manner, acting before issues arise instead of in a reactively when sometimes issues are out of control and expensive to solve or correct.

General Package Features

  • Ensures that all critical network infrastructure and devices that comprise your network are functioning reliably and optimally.

  • Ensures that all servers, PCs, data storage and other vital network infrastructure is performing reliability and optimally, preventing downtime.

  • Application of industry best software and monitoring practices to ensure security, protection and availability.

  • Ensures business stability and reliability when and where you need it covering all network, server, workstation support and other critical device support.

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

~ Robert H. Shuller

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Proactive can help

By adopting a more proactive mindset and taking a more preventative approach to your IT, you will access benefits such as:

  • Savings through predictable and stable IT costs.
  • Real-world experience and expertise
  • Optimal application of resources
  • Fast, measured response to IT issues
  • A competitive edge through reliability

A little help goes a long way

Your IT Crew will allow you to outsource any part of your IT responsibilities to us so that you can reduce your dependence on internal resourcing or random contracting.

Call Your IT Crew today to discuss how to proactively manage your IT resources.