Router & Switch Monitoring

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What is Router & Switch Monitoring?

Router and switch monitoring falls under the broader category of Network Configuration Management and involves the continual supervision of network hubs, routers and switches.

Switches connect multiple devices like wireless access points, servers, computers, and printers on the same network and allow connected devices to communicate with each other and share information.

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Control traffic & access

Failing to monitor and manage your switches and routers can lead to many problems including:

  • Slow network traffic both internally and to external networks
  • Component failure which can lead to network downtime
  • Failure to remediate network performance issues
  • Inability to track rogue applications or malware
  • Inability to accommodate usage spikes or seasonal traffic

Granular management

By using battle-tested switch and router monitoring tools, Your IT Crew can ensure the devices you want monitored are available, active and that their operational parameters are being met.

Core service features

We offer a centralized management and control system that can provide solutions that:

  • Use monitoring protocols including Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).
  • Utilize network mapping features that allow us to get a complete view of your network and connected devices
  • Use bandwidth utilization tools which read the operational settings of network switches looking at memory loads and data transfer rates
  • Identify device dependencies to avoid cascading failures in the event of upstream components affecting multiple downstream devices
  • Identify issues with metrics such as CPU usage, memory and interface utilization so they are corrected with minimal disruption to the network
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Benefits of monitoring routers & switches



Reduced downtime leading to cost savings



Improved customer & guest experience



Increased security through IPsec protocols



Control access via port, IP & signature



Monitor data packets & ARP communications



Alleviate spikes is traffic accross the network



Segment or isolate networks & hosts



DMZ / firewall setup & administration

Customize intermediary devices

At Your IT Crew we take pride in our ability to monitor and maintain network components and have the necessary tools and experience to minimize issues and maintain high availability.

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