Essential Package

What is cyber security?

Cyber security consists of a range of tools and techniques that can be applied to networks, devices, software and data to protect them from cyber-attack which can lead to theft or damage.

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Don't ignore cyber security

If online threats remain unchecked, vulnerabilities are left unmitigated and your systems are targeted and breached, there may be negative impacts on your business such as:

  • Brand or reputation damage
  • Loss or inaccessible private and critical data
  • Downtime or loss of business continuance
  • Financial penalties if the loss was due to negligence
  • Geo-political induced or state sponsored theft

My message to companies that think they haven't been attacked is:

You're not looking hard enough.

~ James Snook

The Essential Solution

Your IT Crew offers a range of security solutions that are carefully curated and packaged so that you can mitigate attacks and protect critical IT infrastructure

Antivirus software

Enterprise-level Antivirus software

Anti-virus monitoring

Antivirus monitoring and threat analysis

Cloud managed anti-virus

Cloud based centrally managed Antivirus

Anti-virus reporting

Monthly analytics and reporting

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Cyber Security is peace of mind

Our Essential package can guard against internal and external threats to IT systems and the benefits to businesses are:

  • Control and monitor access to network connected devices
  • Safe storage and transfer of data
  • Adherence to security policies and legislation
  • Prevent financial loss or disruption
  • Remediation through centralized updates and patching

We have your back

Your IT Crew takes cyber security very seriously and is continually investigating ways to reduce the attack surface of our client's IT infrastructure.

Contact Your IT Crew today to discuss how we can strengthen your cyber security program and protect your valuable resources and assets.