Managed Wi-Fi Package

Managed Wi-Fi Packages Stack

What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed Wi-Fi provides centrally managed network of enterprise grade Wi-Fi access points that can be configured for both in-house and guest wireless connectivity and managed in the cloud.

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Stop dropping out!

  • Do you have dead zones within your network
  • Are your connection speeds below par
  • Finding it difficult to scale your current Wi-Fi

Historically Wi-Fi networking infrastructure has been managed in-house and ever evolving use-cases often required the purchase of additional hardware to cover expansion or upgrade at significant cost.

Deploying and maintaining access points and applications across distributed sites and their associated costs can leave you time and cash poor.

Wi-Fi management

Your IT Crew can manage your Wi-Fi Network via a dashboard in the cloud, so that you can reduce the cost and complexity of administering your on-site wireless controllers.

Dependable Wi-Fi

Our cloud based Wi-Fi solutions are an ideal solution for organizations that have varying requirements such as:

  • The need for reliable network connectivity at distributed sites
  • A desire to expand a network and increase numbers of connected devices
  • Want to ensure employees can safely use their own devices
  • A requirement for security across remote offices
  • Would like to easily provide guest Wi-Fi access
  • Have limited IT resources or want to outsource
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Wi-Fi configuration

Our wireless access points have zero touch provisioning meaning they can be set up and configured within minutes.

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

  • Our cloud driven solutions provide clear visibility across the entire network and can be managed, monitored and updated from any browser, anywhere.

  • We can prevent accidental or malicious network misconfiguration through administration of network access controls.

  • We can adjust your network resources in real-time and add and remove nodes in minutes to evolve with your dynamic business requirements.

  • Reduced setup and network expansion times due to zero touch provisioning reduces overall cost to install additional nodes.

  • All communications between the cloud server and Wi-Fi nodes are secured through websocket over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

No more Wi-Fi headaches

Your IT Crew can install a Wi-Fi network within minutes so that you can immediately take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and availability that our solutions can offer.

To discuss your particular Wi-Fi needs, call or email Your IT Crew today.